Protective Packaging

Discover a comprehensive range of protective packaging solutions to safeguard your valuables during transit or storage. From bubble wrap and butchers paper to egg cartons, foam net, hexwrap paper, kraft paper, tissue paper, void fill, wood wool, and cellophane rolls, we offer an array of options to suit your specific needs. Ensure your items arrive safely and securely with our protective packaging materials.

Bubble wrap is an economical and versatile protection for your products. It can be wrapped easily and effectively around all types of products and packages. Aside from our standard range of bubble wrap, there is many sizes and options available for order on request.


  • Bubble size: 10mm
  • Roll width: 500mm or 1500mm
  • Roll length: 100m

Butchers paper is a tough, tear resistant paper that is an economic wrapping option. It is great for items that do not require cushioning.


  • 15kg bundle
  • Colour: White
  • Sheet size: 580mm x 810mm

Our egg cartons and trays are plain and unprinted. They are made using recycled material and are 100% compostable. For your convenience, we open the packs so no minimum order quantity applies.


  • Egg carton: Holds 12 eggs
  • Egg tray: Holds 36 eggs

Foam netting is a heavy duty, extruded polythene netting in a tube. Ideal for bottles and longer similar items. This netting provides a sleeve that will mould to the shape of the product you are protecting. Available in white only. Contact us for further details.

Honeycomb (or Hexwrap) paper is a great way to protect items in a sustainable, environmentally friendly & cost effective way. This paper is perfect for packaging delicate items and is a great alternative to bubble wrap. Only available in a natural kraft or white. Liner & dispenser available to suit.


  • Colour: Brown or White
  • Roll width: 500mm
  • Roll length: 250m OR 10m

Using kraft paper to wrap, pack and fill is the more economical way to go. Kraft paper is environmentally friendly and has a very natural look.


  • Roll width: 450mm, 600mm, 750mm or 900mm
  • Roll length: 300m
  • Paper thickness: 80gsm
  • Colour: Brown only

Tissue paper is a soft paper and an easy solution for wrapping delicate items like glass, ceramic and jewellery and adds a great pop of colour where needed! Fold together and seal with a sticker for brand consistency.


  • Sheet size: 500mm x 750mm
  • Ream size: 480 sheets

Colours available: White, French Vanilla, Sunshine Yellow, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, Salmon Pink, Lilac, Lavender, Purple, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Lime Green, Green, Chocolate Brown, Black, Brown Kraft, Gold, Silver & Rainbow Pack (Rainbow pack includes 80 sheets of Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange & Yellow)

Biofill is a 100% natural and 100% biodegradable packaging solution. Perfect for packing out boxes that require damage prevention.


  • 400L Bag
  • Small handy pack

Woodwool is used to decorate with a more natural look in mind. It provides a voidfill that is both environmentally friendly and attractive. Our woodwool is made in Tasmania.


  • 10Kg Bale
  • Small handy pack

Cello wrap is also known as florist wrap. Used extensively in gift wrapping, flowers and products for display, this acid free product is perfect for protecting goods while still being able to view your product. Available in various widths.


  • Roll width: 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm
  • Roll length: 450m
  • Clear only