Plastic Bags

Why not put our plastic bag selection to the test? Bring in your product and explore the variety of options we offer firsthand. From die-cut carry bags to stand-up pouches, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your packaging needs.

Our plastic diecut carry bags are the perfect solution for anyone! From markets to boutiques, they give an individual, classy look. Available in two different sizes and a range of colours and sold in packs of 100. Also available to be custom printed at a relatively low minimum quantity. Feel free to ask us for a free quote!


  • Small – 380mm high x 255mm wide
  • Large – 530mm high x 415mm wide


Clear, Yellow, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Lime Green, White & Black

Polypropylene resealable bags, also known as cellophane bags, are ideal for packaging items when visual presentation of the contents is important. These bags also have a clear self-seal strip for ease of use. All sizes are 37um thick and are 100% recyclable. All sold in packs of 100 or cartons of 1000.


  • 50mm wide x 180mm high + 30mm lip
  • 70mm wide x 100mm high + 30mm lip
  • 75mm wide x 180mm high + 30mm lip
  • 75mm wide x 300mm high + 30mm lip
  • 100mm wide x 150mm high + 30mm lip
  • 115mm wide x 130mm high + 30mm lip
  • 115mm wide x 230mm high + 30mm lip
  • 125mm wide x 200mm high + 30mm lip
  • 138mm wide x 190mm high + 30mm lip
  • 150mm wide x 230mm high + 30mm lip
  • 160mm wide x 230mm high + 30mm lip
  • 170mm wide x 170mm high + 30mm lip
  • 180mm wide x 250mm high + 30mm lip
  • 200mm wide x 250mm high + 30mm lip
  • 230mm wide x 305mm high + 30mm lip
  • 250mm wide x 360mm high + 30mm lip
  • 305mm wide x 405mm high + 30mm lip
  • 315mm wide x 315mm high + 30mm lip
  • 350mm wide x 450mm high + 30mm lip

From protecting paintings to packing firewood, poly bags can be used in most situations. Poly bags are ideal for creating a barrier to moisture and dust without compromising visibility of the contents.

Available in a huge range of sizes and various thicknesses, there is sure to be a solution for you! Also suitable for use with heat sealers. Contact us today for further information. All sizes sold in packs of 100 or cartons of 1000.

Magic seal bags are also known as zip lock bags. Manufactured from a high-quality virgin LDPE, they provide a great solution for packaging items which do not require a high presentation standard.

Magic seal bags are available in a range of sizes, starting at 38mm wide x 50mm high through to 380mm x 508mm. Standard thickness is 50 micron but others are available on request. All sizes sold in packs of 100 or cartons of 1000.

Our singlet bags comply with Tasmanian plastic bag regulations. Singlet bags are a strong and economical solution for your carry bag needs. Available in four sizes, these bags can be purchased in packs or full cartons.


  • Small – 400mm x 200mm + 100mm gusset
  • Medium – 480mm x 240mm + 120mm gusset
  • Large – 540mm x 300mm + 150mm gusset
  • Extra Large – 700mm x 400mm + 200mm gusset
  • Bag thickness: 35 micron

Stand Up Pouches are perfect for packing and displaying items, especially food products. They feature a resealable zip at the top and can also be heat sealed to provide a further airtight seal. When full, these bags will stand on their own. Available in a range of sizes and colours with choice of a clear or coloured front.


  • 70g – 110mm x 160mm + 60mm base
  • 100g – 120mm x 200mm + 60mm base
  • 150g – 130mm x 210mm + 60mm base
  • 250g – 160mm x 230mm + 70mm base
  • 500g – 190mm x 275mm + 90mm base
  • 750g – 210mm x 300mm + 90mm base
  • 1kg – 335mm x 240mm + 100mm base

Various colours available – feel free to contact us regarding these.