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Shipping & Handling

Pallet wrap is a very popular product. We stock 23um pallet wrap in natural (clear) and black. The roll size is 500mm x 300m. This is used for general wrapping where price is important.


Pallet wrap (or stretch wrap) is a very popular product and used in a wide variety of industries. Pallet wrap is used to wrap, contain and protect goods while they are in storage or transport. We open cartons so there is no minimum order quantity on our pallet wrap. Use with a heavy duty pallet wrap dispenser for faster application.


  • Colour: Black or Clear
  • Roll size: 500mm wide
  • Roll length: 450m
  • Film thickness: 23 micron


Bundle wrap is a need for every warehouse or smal business. This non-adhesive wrap is great for any size or shaped product. These rolls are used to quickly secure and bundle smaller items or cartons together. Use with a dispenser for fast application.


  • Colours: Clear or Black
  • Roll size: 100mm wide
  • Roll length: 300m

Heat sealers are perfect for sealing poly bags, stand up pouches, poly tubing and more! Our heat sealers have superior element terminals and only consume power when the sealing arm is activated. Available in a variety of sizes, these sealers are sure to save you some time. Seal width is approximately 2mm wide. Ask us for pricing and availability.


Easily identifying parcels and packages is a must in today’s world of online ordering! Printed invoice enclosed, documents enclosed & packing slip enclosed envelopes are self-adhesive pockets used to adhere documents to parcels being shipped out. The envelopes have a transparent front for ease of viewing the document inside. These envelopes adhere well to paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and metal.


We also are able to provide items such as shipping tags, stencil ink and message labels for your parcels. Message labels such as ‘Fragile’ or ‘This Way Up’ ensure your parcel is handled correctly during transport.

Here at Associated Plastics, we also have access to a wide range of postal satchels and mailing bags. Available as a standard plastic satchel, a bubble bag or padded kraft bag, we are sure to have something to suit the items you are shipping. There is a large range of sizes available, feel free to speak to us regarding your requirements. Plastic mailing satchels are also able to be custom printed to your specifications.

Securing your load is important! Various strapping systems are available for use in this area, from poly to steel strapping. Below are our poly strapping options. Please reach out for further details on strapping.


  • Widths: 12mm, 15mm or 19mm
  • Colour: Blue
  • Roll length: 1000m dispenser box