From boxes to sheets and rolls, we have your packaging and shipping needs covered. Crafted from top-grade materials, our products ensure unmatched strength and durability. Explore various sizes and thickness options to find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Corrugated cardboard rolls provide a durable and economical solution for wrapping and protecting your products during storage and transportation. Corrugated board is very versatile and can easily be cut and folded. We stock these rolls in two widths, however, please feel free to ask us if you require a different size.


  • Roll width: 1200mm or 1500mm
  • Roll length: 50sqm
Also known as line board, corrugated cardboard sheet is widely used for that extra bit of protection. Being white one side and brown the other, it gives you the choice of two colours in one product. Cardboard sheet can easily be laser cut for letters, numbers, shapes, POS displays or just cut to size to suit your packaging requirements.


  • Sheet size: 1200mm x 2400mm
  • Sheet thickness: Approx 4mm