Glue and Polish

We offer a selection of adhesives and cleaners tailored to match the materials we specialize in. Whether in stock or available upon request, we ensure access to the right products for your needs. Contact us today to discuss adhesive and cleaning options for your project!

Weld-On® 16 is a clear syrupy cement for high strength joins. It has good outdoor weatherability and has been used by professionals for years and is great for helping create a waterproof joint. Weld-On® 16 is available in a 1.5oz or 5oz tube.
Weld-On® 3 is a water thin, fast curing acrylic cement. Joins dry clear and is ideal for use when a seamless join is required.
Plexus® and VuPlex® cleans, polishes and protects various types of plastics including acrylic and polycarbonate. Plexus® and VuPlex® create a micro-thin layer of protectant to seal the pores of the plastic. These cleaners are ideal for display cases, sneezeguards, vehicle windows and more. Plexus® and VuPlex® help create an anti-static surface and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.